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JFC Panko Breadcrumbs, 350 g

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Fluffier, crispier breadcrumbs.

Take your crumbed coatings and burgers up a level with JFC's panko breadcrumbs. These crunchy, coursely chopped breadcrumbs absorb less oil than other, stodgier varieties of breadcrumb, making for lighter mixes and crispier coatings. Use to crumb pork and chicken cutlets, to make beef burgers, or as a topping on pasta.

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Panko breadcrumbs are an essential component in some of the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine, such as katsu curry and korokke croquettes. Fluffier and flakier than most Western breadcrumbs, panko breadcrumbs absorb less oil when cooked, giving food a lighter and crispier texture. Browse Japan Centre's Flour and Panko section for our entire range of panko breadcrumbs.

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Wheat Flour, Salt, Glucose (Corn Starch), Yeast.


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Have bought these crumbs several times