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Dousenbou Chaho Loose Genmaicha Brown Rice Green Tea, 120 g

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Nature's own brown rice green tea.

Enjoy some of the best brown rice green tea Kyoto has to offer with Dousenbou Chaho's loose genmaicha. The green tea in this blend comes from Uji; an area of Kyoto well-known for producing the best tea in Japan. This top-quality green tea, combined with expertly roasted kernels of brown rice, makes for a deliciously flavoursome and aromatic genmaicha that your tastebuds will not forget any time soon. Try some for yourself and taste the difference quality makes.

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Genmaicha (Brown rice green tea, or ‘Popcorn’ tea to some) contains grains of roasted brown rice, giving the tea a distinctly nutty flavour that offsets the slight bitterness often present in other green teas. If genmaicha is your cup of tea (literally), then take a look at Japan Centre Online’s range of genmaicha teabags and tea leaves.

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