Shinmei Akafuji Koshihikari Rice - Niigata, 2 Kg

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Premium rice from Niigata.

Make one of the most important parts of every Japanese meal as authentically delicious as can be with this Akafuji Koshihikari rice. Grown in Niigata, one of Japan's premiere rice-growing regions, these short, firm grains of rice have a fluffy appearance and sticky, chewy texture when cooked. Enjoy making amazing sushi or onigiri rice balls with this rice, or alternatively serve with other Japanese foods such as karaage chicken or katsu curry.

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Rice is the dietary staple of Japan. Like how many people in Western countries cannot imagine going without bread for very long, the vast majority of Japanese people will eat at least some rice every day. Japanese, or Japonica, rice is grown all over Japan and in other countries, and the accepted wisdom is that the rice will taste different depending on where it is grown. For an incredible range of Japanese rice, take a look at Japan Centre's Rice section.

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12 reviews
I usually buy akitakomachi rice by the same company but i bought this for a friend. No doubt it wiill be the usual high standard.
Wanted to try some ** rice and was not disappointed. It’s stick but not overly so. Good texture and great taste. Definitely recommend it for any Japanese dishes or making onigiri
Only used it once so far. But the taste and quality is very good
Delicious white rice.
A whole different order of rice from my supermarket rice. Delicious. Worked well in my rice cooker.
Good quality rice
This is my favourite *** and can't get the variety from Niigata where I live so love being able to order from you.
Arrived well packaged. Haven’t tried it yet
Great quality rice. Used in a variety of my meals. I would recommend this to everyone I know who loves rice.
Really good quality, exactly as we hoped it would be.
Excellent taste cooked a simple rice meal with beef stew. Little expensive but worth it.
Best rice I've had since I was in Japan.