The Just Bento Cookbook, 410 g

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Make healthy lunchtime alternatives still full of your favourite foods.

When you're after nourishing and delicious balanced lunches, bento packed lunches are a wonderfully creative and convenient way forward and The Just Bento Cookbook provides an informative hub of advice and recipes for anyone looking to tuck into this delightful cooking craft. Written by bento blogging expert, Makiko Itoh, this cookbook details 25 charming and uncomplicated bento ideas and breaks them down into over 150 different recipes, offering lots of clever flavours and combinations to perfect your own ideal bento. Considering both cost and complexity, Itoh focuses on popular ingredients that are both easy to source and quick to prepare, with welcoming tips and instructions on how to make the best bento for you, including 2 sections of staple Japanese style and Not-So-Japanese western-inspired meals to suit anyone's particular taste. With colourful photos, easy-to-reference resources and clear recommendations, this book offers beginners and bento-lovers a chance pack everyday with fun and healthy enjoyment of their fondest food.

ISBN: 9781568363936

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Japanese cooking is known for being intricate, vivid and full of unique flavours, making it a delight to experience but sometimes a handful to try and recreate for yourself. Despite the increasing popularity of well-known Japanese dishes in the West, sometimes the recipes available don't bring out the full authenticity and flavour that Japan take's absolute pride in making the main aspect of it's cuisine. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of books helping to bridge this culture gap and deliver you detailed yet simple instruction on how to make delicious and genuine meals fit for any Japanese household. Here at we strive to help turn your kitchen into a great culinary adventure, so why not check out Cooking & Sushi Making Book range, and try your hand at something new.