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Bento Box for Serving - Black and Red, 813 g


For serving classy bento-style meals.

Present your dinner guests exquisite lunches and dinners with this elegant 5-compartment bento box. Made in Japan, this bento box features a lacquered wooden exterior and a polished crimson red finish on the inside. Bento can be a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal, or a more elaborate dish consisting of several small portion-sized compartments such as with this restaurant style bento box. This rounded-corner bento box is great for special occasions. Box measures approx. 25cm in length, 25cm in width, 5.5cm in height.

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It is often said that bento are essentially the Japanese equivalent of packed lunches in the UK, but in reality there is much more to bento than that. From the little bento boxes school children enjoy for lunch every day to the colourful gourmet meals elegantly presented in multi-tiered boxes, bento accounts for a large portion of tradition and innovation in Japanese cuisine. Discover more about the wide world of bento by taking a look at japancentre.com's Bento section.

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