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Hiragana Times Monthly Magazine, 170 g



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Keep your language and cultural knowledge up to date through the wonders of Japan.

Hiragana Times is a bilingual magazine that for over 30 years has aimed to make Japan and its language accessible to the wider world. Providing articles, tips and exercises that are all carefully translated to English beneath, anyone looking to learn Japanese can easily break down Kanji readings and sentence structure with this magazine's aid to really grasp their own use of the language. Likewise for those learning English from the Japanese, the content in this magazine considers all the nuances between both languages and lets you understand the natural flow of each, pointing out handy phrases and particular grammar use that can be added easily to your regular conversation. With coverage on modern and thought-provoking topics about what's happening in Japan today, inspire your own learning and perspective with this magazine.
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Despite the widespread rise of the internet and its easy global access to discovering and taking in Japan's latest trends, magazines in Japan still line the shelves of convenience stores and bookshops in their hundreds, offering exclusive details and up-to-date stories that all wait to excite budding readers across the nation. Fantastic for discovering unique and curious parts of Japanese subculture or hot, new discussion on politics, society and everyday issues, at japancentre.com we provide a varied selection of News & Gossip Magazines to let you dig right in to this marvelous part of Japanese culture.

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3 reviews
Excellent magazine for those wanting to improve their Japanese. The articles are interesting in themselves but the best thing is that it is truly bilingual with Furigana over all Kanji. It saves a lot of time in looking up unknown Kanji and is also a quick reminder when you know the Kanji but have forgotten how to pronounce it.
I order a copy of this magazine every time I order from Japan Centre. It is very interesting and very helpful to my Japanese language studies.
Excellent magazine, interesting and helpful articles. Ideal for people who want to become more relaxed and comfortable in Japanese. Study articles on the use of natural Japanese, memorising Kanji etc. are invaluable. I've never found anything like it and feel really grateful to the publishers.