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Shokado Bento Lunch Box With Lid, 790 g



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A traditional 5-compartment bento box with lid. This bento box has a beautiful black wood effect on the outside with a lacquered red interior and is great for those seeking an authentic Japanese presentation dish or a very traditional lunch box. Measures approx. 26cm x 26cm x 5.5cm.

ITEM ID: #2923


Shoukado bento boxes are a traditional way of food storage and presentation. Originally provided during the tea ceremony as a light meal for guests the shoukado bento originates from Kyoto and has four or more different compartments enabling you to present food in a simple yet elegant manner. These types of bento are also often found in restaurants serving high quality cuisine and are great for parties or special occasions.

How To Use

See our Shoukado Premium Bento Lunchbox recipe for inspiring ideas on how to fill these types of bento box!

Item Detail

  • Category: Bento
  • Maker: CNB
  • Size: 790 g



1 review
I am diabetic and have to diet carefully with regard to carbohydrates intake. This box allows me to portion my food effectively. I also hope to learn more and experience more Japanese ingrediants and recipes etc.