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Shokado Bento Lunch Box - Black Wood Pattern, 790 g



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22 reviews

For a traditional Japanese lunch.

Separate and compartmentalise your lunch easily with this 5-compartment shokado bento box. Made from an ornate wood-effect black lacquer on the outside and a sturdy and smooth red lacquer on the inside, this box is durable, easy to look after, and ideal for everyday use by anybody wishing to prepare Japanese lunchtime dishes with authentic presentation. Box measures approx. 26cm in length, 26cm in width, 5.5cm in height.

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Shokado bento boxes such as this are wider and flatter than more portable bento boxes. They are made for presenting light lunches at homes or in restaurants, rather than for carrying packed lunches in a bag. Originally used during the tea ceremony to serve light meals to guests, shokado bento boxes originate from Kyoto and have four or more different compartments, enabling cooks to present food in a simple yet elegant manner. Take a look at Japan Centre's whole range of Bento Boxes to find the perfect box for you.

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2 reviews
I am diabetic and have to diet carefully with regard to carbohydrates intake. This box allows me to portion my food effectively. I also hope to learn more and experience more Japanese ingrediants and recipes etc.
Excellent product just like the ones you get in a resturant.