Ozeki Nigori Sake, 375 ml

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4.5 / 5

77 reviews

An unfiltered sake that preserves the fresh flavor of the moromi (the fermenting mixture of rice, water, koji, and yeast), for a crisp, vibrant presence. This Ozeki brand sake is a great all-round sake.

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Sake is Japan’s most famous alcoholic drink, brewed using special sake rice. Sake has many different types depending on the brewing process and ingredients used. Try sake warmed, at room temperature, or even serve chilled on ice in a cocktail for a refreshing drink.

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Alcohol Content: 14.5%

Ingredients and allergens

Water, Rice(Rice, Rice koji, Koji-mold), Invert sugar.


7 reviews
**, mild and sweet. If you like sweet sake, this is for you.
This is by far my favourite ***
I love this sake it’s my favourite
Delicious sake with a slight sweet tinge to it. Serve well chilled and savour
Very good
This is for myself .\nThere is much better Nigori Sake actually , but cannot find here . May be less demand . \nI know this from USA .
Tastes good