Yamachuu Wasabi Powder - Catering Size, 1 Kg

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Wasabi paste in industrial quantities.

If you or your business have a tendency to go through wasabi like nobody's business, Yamachuu's wasabi powder may be just what you are looking for. Coming in a catering size 1kg bag, this wasabi powder lasts in the pantry for a long time without spoiling, and need only be mixed with water to make vibrant, fiery wasabi paste, ideal for serving with sushi or mixing with mayonnaise. It can also be added as a flavouring to soba, udon and other noodle dishes, or to add a Japanese twist to steak, seafood salad and Dim Sum.

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Japanese cuisine utilises a wide variety of condiments, from the more traditional soy sauce, wasabi, and togarashi (spicy chilli pepper), to those more typically associated with Western culture such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, to completely unique inventions. At japancentre.com we sell a wide variety of exciting Japanese condiments. Why not take a look at our Condiments section and see what we have?

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2 reviews
As a sauce. Yes I will recommend it. Good quality, it’s accurate.
Good wasabi in a packet that last us a long time.