Clearspring Sea Vegetable Salad, 25 g

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Clearspring Japanese Sea Vegetable Salad is a blend of delicate red, green and white sea plants that makes an attractive salad in minutes. Simply soak, season and serve alone or with garden salad vegetables. Each 50g pack contains 5 servings and the salad increases in volume considerably when soaked.

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Per Serving (5g):
• Calories: 4kcal
• Protein: 0.7g
• Fat: 0.1g
• Carbohydrate: 0.1g
• Sodium: 0.4g

Ingredients and allergens

Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), Agar (Gelidium spp.), Aka Tsunomata (Chondrus ocellatus)



1 review
Great for sprinkling on top of rice, salad or any other dish