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Keep on top of the biggest and most exciting manga trends!

Weekly Shonen Jump is a huge deal when it comes to manga magazines, being the longest running, most read across all of Japan and beyond. On top of getting the latest scoops on up-to-date trending manga like Hinomaru Sumo and The Promised Neverland, why not be in the know of all the new, thrilling twists and turns when it comes to globally-loved manga like One Piece and My Hero Academia? Packed with chapters upon chapters of all kinds of action, get your top entertainment needs and all-important Japanese practice, hot off the press! 
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Despite the widespread rise of the internet and its easy global access to discovering and taking in Japan's latest trends, magazines in Japan still line the shelves of convenience stores and bookshops in their hundreds, offering exclusive details and up-to-date stories that all wait to excite budding readers across the nation. This is especially true of manga magazines and with the ever increasing variety of graphic novel series being created almost daily for people from all kinds of backgrounds, each magazine brings moving chapters hot off the press from all aspects of Japanese inspiration. Allowing people to discover many colourful tales or simply to keep on the ball of popular, favourite series, manga magazines immerse people in the creative culture of modern Japan and at we have a great freshly printed selection for you to get flicking through or subscribe to.  

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11 reviews
1) I read it and add it to my self of jump magazines I tray myself to every now and then :).\n2) I would definitely recommend it to hardcore fans that don’t mind it being in ** or like me people that can read Japanese.\n3) It came in great condition !! The packaging has definitely gotten better and the description is accurate.
Excellent quality and condition! - ***
The description was accurate, I use the product by reading it and would definitely recommend it.
Great novelty item if you’re a non-** speaker. Perfect to go with any manga or magazine collection. 9/10 quality as 1 corner bent in a bit but other than that it’s brilliant! Highly recommend to manga collectors!
I would recommend it to people that understand ***
Quality was very good, fully recommend!
it's ok
Beautiful and it matches the description!
What you expect
Excellent service would recommend
Very fast delivery. Thanks!