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Fresh Burdock Gobou, 90 g

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High in fibre and packed with all kinds of vitamins and minerals, burdock is a must for any healthy eater. Burdock’s sweet and mild flavour makes it a popular ingredient in Japanese cooking, especially in soups, salads or as a boiled side dish.

Fresh vegetable weights can fluctuate.

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Burdock is most popular in kinpira, caramelised with soy sauce and mirin rice wine, but can also be eaten raw or even pickled in sushi! It is also used in traditional medicine and is a popular ingredient in macrobiotic cooking.

How To Use

Burdock is a very versatile vegetable that’s easy to prepare.
• Scrub with a vegetable brush to remove any dirt.
• Chop to your required length and soak in water.
• Dry it off and it’s ready to use!

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the product was very fresh and blemish free. I have used it in stir fries. I would recommend it to anyone as it has many health benefits, including digestion and it can be used in many ways.