Itoen Powdered Ooi Ocha Green Tea with Matcha, 40 g

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A fantastic packet of green tea powder. Use this green tea powder as a antioxidant rich green tea drink, and also in delicious desserts such as green tea ice cream or green tea cakes and biscuits. This green tea powder contains added matcha, the highest quality ground green tea, further enriching the green tea flavours. 1 packet contains catechin 2200mg to make around 50 cups.

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Ooi Ocha is one of Japan’s best known green teas brands usually sold in can or PET bottle form. Many Japanese are a fan of this particular tea because of its smooth taste with a slight bitter hint.

How To Use

Add 1 tsp of this green tea powder to cold or hot water and enjoy the wonderful, mellow flavours of Ooi Ocha green tea.

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Sorry, none available.

Ingredients and allergens

Green tea, matcha powder, dextrin, cyclodextrin, vitamin C



7 reviews
Very tasty, easy to make and the package being resealable is handy.
Delicious hot or cold. Expensive but definitely worth every penny!
Useful for summer
Easy to prepare and nice taste.
Very good it's for my boy who 21 he like a bit of milk in his
I have been drinking this products, easy to prepare and taste nice.
I really can't fault the quality of this product, a helpful tip that it has on the back is English instructions on how to make it. Sometimes you don't get that on Japanese packaging.