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  • 2196 cuckoo rice cooker main
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2196 cuckoo rice cooker main 2196 cuckoo rice cooker box

Cuckoo Automatic Rice Cooker CR-0632 6 Cups, 2.8 Kg Low in Stock (only 4 available)

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5 / 5

99 reviews

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Making great-tasting rice could not be easier.

Turn the task of preparing rice from a grueling chore to a piece of cake with Cuckoo's CR-0632 electric rice cooker. Made in Korea, this rice cooker comes with a number of handy extras for perfect rice cooking and warming, including a non-stick removable inner pot, heaters along the top, bottom and sides, as well as an inner insulator for keeping rice warm, double safety devices, and a detachable steam vent and dew dish for easy cleaning. Rice cooker measures approx. 25.5cm in height including handle, 23cm in length, 21.5cm in width. Serves 4-5 people.

• Non-stick inner pot
• Inner lid and detachable dew dish.
• Measuring cup and spatula
• Instruction booklet

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Rice is well-known for being tricky to cook on the stove, as it requires constant care and attention to ensure that it neither burns nor turns out too sludgy. In countries like Japan, where rice is the culinary staple, rice cookers are an absolute lifesaver. Ever since 1956 these handy devices have rendered the task of cooking rice as easy as adding rice and water and flipping the 'on' switch. For more rice cookers and other handy Japanese kitchen utensils, take a look at japancentre.com's Cooking Equipment section.

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9 reviews
I eat rice everyday so this rice cooker will be pretty busy! I highly recommend this product to everyone who loves rice and prefers an easy way of cooking it. Excellent make!
very compact rice-cooker, which does the job well.
Product is used every day. I have shown off my rice cooker to family and friends and even boasted about it. Its so easy to use, clean etc. I am over the moon with this purchase.
Straightforward and good quality. Cooks rice perfectly.
Makes the best rice ever. Looks really cute as well for a rice cooker.
Perfect rice! :D If you buy this and find you have a plastic-like film on the surface of the pot wehm you use it, it is most likely starch!
Decent size rice cooker for beginners
Description very accurate,I have not used it yet,but I am very pleased with it.
Excellent rice cooker, simple operation, just on off and keep warm, however the cooker produces excellent results with fuss.