Condiment Grater, 73 g


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For your Japanese cooking.

Prepare your Japanese meals properly with the right kitchen equipment, such as this hand-held condiment grater. Little graters with raised 'teeth' such as this are typically used to grate daikon radish for oroshi sauce. They are also ideal for grating ginger, wasabi, and other fresh spices and seasonings. This grater comes with a useful lid and base so that your grated food doesn’t spill and can be transferred easily to plate or pan. Grater measures approx. 7cm in width, 16cm in length including handle, 4.5cm in height.

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Learning to cook Japan's ornate, delicious, and unique cuisine might seem a daunting task at first. Fortunately, there are some handy kitchen tools and devices available to make Japanese cooking that little bit easier, and Japan Centre stocks a great range. From rice moulds in various sizes to wooden sushi presses to electric rice cookers, our Cooking Equipment section is sure to help you gain a keen cooking advantage.

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Well designed, handy little tool that doesn't take up much space. Very well-priced priced.
Small but mighty
What an excellent little device