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  • 2020 japanese for busy people 3r

Japanese for Busy People 2: Revised 3rd Edition with CD Textbook, 765 g

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This new edition of the classic second volume will enable learners to make an unprecedented smooth transition from mid-beginner-level to intermediate-level Japanese. Picking up where ‘Japanese For Busy People 1’ left off, the text goes beyond survival Japanese, turning to the basics of Japanese syntax. Topics covered include plain forms or verbs and adjectives; compound sentences; modifying, temporal (“when”), and conditional (“if”) clauses; potential and volitional forms; and direct and indirect quotation. By the end of the book, learners will have acquired through a series of concise grammatical explanations and extensive speaking and listening exercises a command of Japanese that will enable them to carry on a variety of daily conversations. Japanese For Busy People 2: Revised 3rd Editions CD features: A free CD containing 47 minutes of listening practice based on 94 dialogues introduced in the book 160 kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese), with ample space to practice writing them Over 350 illustrations to make the learning process both fun and effective 17 reading tasks Quizzes that allow learners to test their understanding Usage, culture, and style notes


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It is a widely held wisdom that learning a little bit of the local lingo when travelling will make the locals like you more and treat you better. For a language like Japanese, which is so different to English and other European languages, this can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully Japan Centre has a great range of textbooks, workbooks, phrase books and other resources available to help with your language learning. Take a look at our Japanese Language Books and Japanese Travel Books for our whole range.

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