Japanese for Busy People 2: Revised 3rd Edition with CD Textbook, 765 g

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Concisely advance your basic survival Japanese to the next level.

For people getting to grips with essential beginner Japanese, the Japanese for Busy People 2 textbook offers more short, detailed lessons and tests that look to take your language comprehension up a step, with a focus on grammar and the introduction of Kanji. Broken into 5 themed units with various concise lessons and exercises each chapter, you will discover phrases and sentence structures that regularly occur within Japanese conversation, and gain greater of knowledge of verbs and adjectives through useful illustrations, to be able to form complex sentences for use in various daily scenarios, both written and spoken. With the inclusion of 10-or-so Kanji characters each chapter, you can begin simple and clear practice of recognising each character and learn how to correctly incorporate it into your own writing, with stroke order drills and explanation of their origins. Including a helpful CD like all Japanese for Busy People books, you can immerse your practice in more native conversation and pronunciation, with a chance to pick up on natural cues and habits in Japanese you can easily incorporate into your own speaking. 

Written by the Association for Japanese Language Teaching.


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