Basic Kanji Book Vol.2 - New Edition, 870 g

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A clear and easy-to-use textbook to master the essential kanji characters for beginners to intermediates.

The best selling Basic Kanji Book series are widely recognised as one of the most helpful steps into the wide world of the kanji alphabet. Volume 2 of the series introduces 250 more advanced basic kanji that focus on particular actions, adjectives, weather and positions breaking them down into chapters that introduce 10-15 kanji at a time, taking you through both stroke pattern and word examples of how they are used in Japanese, before testing you on their use with fun and curious reading and writing exercises. Each chapter is given an enjoyable and well laid-out theme, building on and revising your initial knowledge of the 250 kanji in Volume 1, and letting you form more natural understanding of word structure and when to use certain similar words. More than suitable study for learning Japanese Language proficiency N4 level that requires understanding of about 300 kanji characters. 

Written by Chieko Kano, Yuri Shimizu and Hiroko Takenaka.

ISBN: 9784893588838

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One of the Japanese language's most recognisable features is its use of 3 alphabets, with Hiragana and Katakana, covering basic readings for all words and sounds, and Kanji characters allowing words to be shortened and described via what each character depicts. Whilst the characters come in their 10,000's and even among native Japanese people it is a challenge to master the top few thousand most regularly used, several textbooks are released with handy memory exercises, hints and explanations to understand how each is constructed and used in various words and phrases, making both reading and writing easier to break down and comprehend. Here at we have a great choice of Kanji and Kana workbooks, that cover everything from vocabulary to writing order, for you to expand your language knowledge and use.

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I use this product for learning the language; it’s great as it eases you in and provides context and ways in which you can use your newfound info! \n\nI’d definitely recommend this series to anyone wanting to seriously learn Japanese: around a lesson a day will get you through one book in less than a month: review sessions (skim through past lessons and work on weak points) will definitely help you retain knowledge as well as writing out the kanji repeatedly while saying the readings and related vocabulary. \n\nIt’s great quality: pages don’t rip easily, ink doesn’t rub off when using an eraser, it’s sturdy (it's not hardback, but the covers are laminated, so they don’t bend) it’s the perfect size and everything is clear!\nOh! And it also comes with an answer book! So don’t worry about marking!