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  • 20 basic kanji vol 2 textbook

Basic Kanji Book Vol.2 - New Edition, 870 g



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This book contains a further 250 kanji with strokes and examples of how to use them. It gives you real life examples of how the kanji is used in everyday Japan. Japanese Language proficiency test level N4 requires you to know about 300 kanji characters so Vol 1 and 2 of this series should cover more than enough of kanji that you require.

ISBN: 9784893588838

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I use this product for learning the language; it’s great as it eases you in and provides context and ways in which you can use your newfound info! \n\nI’d definitely recommend this series to anyone wanting to seriously learn Japanese: around a lesson a day will get you through one book in less than a month: review sessions (skim through past lessons and work on weak points) will definitely help you retain knowledge as well as writing out the kanji repeatedly while saying the readings and related vocabulary. \n\nIt’s great quality: pages don’t rip easily, ink doesn’t rub off when using an eraser, it’s sturdy (it's not hardback, but the covers are laminated, so they don’t bend) it’s the perfect size and everything is clear!\nOh! And it also comes with an answer book! So don’t worry about marking!