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  • 1998 japanese for busy people kana workbook 2

Japanese for Busy People: Kana Workbook & CD Revised 3rd Edition, 330 g

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The Kana Version of Japanese for Busy People 1 is the ideal textbook for anyone who wishes to learn real, natural, conversational Japanese and communicate with native Japanese speakers. It also provides a solid foundation and a valuable resource for those who would like to go further with their study of the Japanese language. This workbook is designed to accompany the Japanese for Busy People 1 textbook, containing reading, writing, speaking, and listening exercises that reinforce grammar and vocabulary points from the textbook. Practice CD also included.

ISBN: 978-1-56836-401-8

ITEM ID: #1998


How can the Kana Version of Japanese for Busy People help you learn Japanese? Romanized Japanese, often criticised as being the main obstacle to accurate and fluent pronunciation of the spoken language, has been omitted in favour of native hiragana and katakana scripts. Learning kana from the very beginning will also facilitate a smooth and fast transition to kanji study. Enough vocabulary and grammar have been provided to enable the learner to communicate in uncomplicated adult Japanese, without having to memorise excessive amounts of vocabulary and language patterns that are not immediately useful. Exercises and Quiz sections also appear in kana to reinforce written and oral comprehension as well as production skills.

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