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  • 1910 glico thai pocky chocolate

Glico Pocky - Chocolate (Thai), 47 g

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The original Pocky flavour.

Sink your teeth into one of the most legendary biscuit snacks in the world with Glico Pocky. Exactly the same as they were when first made in 1966, these Pocky consist of crunchy sweet biscuit sticks coated in a layer of chocolate. The perfect snack for watching anime or reading manga. Made in Thailand.

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Pocky has become something of an institution in present-day Japan. These irresistably crunchy sweet biscuit sticks are one of Japan’s most famous confectioneries ever, and they are certainly the most well-known Japanese snack in the Western world. If you have a certain passion for Pocky, be sure to check's Pocky section regularly to see what is new in store.


Per Serving (47g):
• Energy: 220kcal
• Protein: 4g
• Fat: 8g
• Carbohydrate: 34g (Sugars: 18g)
• Sodium: 0.085g