Homare Shuzo Junmai Sake Enriched Yuzu Citrus Sake, 720 ml

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Full-bodied yuzu sake with a refreshingly sweet, citrus bite.

A divine combination of fruity, fragrant and dry delicate enough to deliver zesty and rich refreshment, this yuzu citrus sake has been specially-brewed using Homare Shuzo's renowned junmai sake. By expertly mixing freshly-squeezed yuzu juice with mature junmai, the sweet, distinguishing mouthfeel of Homare Shuzo's famous sake is finely accentuated by this yuzu sake's vibrant acidity, offering pleasantly, drawn out rice notes and citrus aromas from the nose all the way to its sharp, thirst-quenching finish. Highly recommended for the fruity, mellow qualities that appeal to both first-time drinkers and sake veterans alike, this yuzu sake is best served chilled or on the rocks.

Alcohol: 10.0% ABV.

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Sake is Japan’s most well-known alcohol. It is brewed using special sake rice, koji (an edible rice mould that serves as the fermenting agent), and sometimes a little brewer's alcohol. A sake's characteristics, including how sweet or dry it is, how light or full bodied it is, and what flavours it evokes, depend on the type of rice and other ingredients used, how much the rice is polished/milled, and what brewing methods have been employed. To explore the wide and varied world of sake, take a look at japancentre.com's extensive Sake selection.

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Alcohol Content: 10.0% Vol.

Ingredients and allergens

Sake, Yuzu Juice, Sugars.