Arnest Assorted Animal Shape Foil Cutter Kit, 155 g


Grill animal faces onto food.

Giving grilled sandwiches and other toasty comforts a layer of animal charm, this shaped cutter kit can adorn foods with bears, cats, pigs and frogs! Made to cut aluminium foil into animal shapes with an assortment of adorable expressions, placing the cut foil onto bread before grilling then creates your own toasty, custom imprint. Suitable for also cutting nori seaweed and other soft foods, find fun ways to prepare cute bento lunches and other personalised meals with this handy cutter set. Do not use in toaster.

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Although onigiri are by and large mostly triangular or circular shaped, more and more often onigiri makers are getting creative and making onigiri in all sorts of shapes. This may have something to do with the ever-increasing popularity of ‘decoben’, or decorative bento lunches. If you are longing to release your culinary decorating skills, take a look at the decoben equipment available at Japan Centre Online.

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