Arnest Panda Shaped Onigiri Rice Ball Mould With Nori Seaweed Cutters, 135 g


For making adorably fluffy panda rice balls.

Create cuddly black and white panda faces almost too cute to eat with the help of this handy, onigiri rice ball mould set. Featuring a compact, panda-shaped rice ball press and a selection of soft food cutters, this crafty set provides you with the tools to create your own edible panda onigiri, allowing you to personalise each a selection of the cutest animal expressions. Whether it's charming nori seaweed eyes and ears, rosy ham cheeks, or crunchy bamboo-shaped vegetables, use the green cutter mat included to customise rice balls with your favourite ingredients.

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Although onigiri are by and large mostly triangular or circular shaped, more and more often onigiri makers are getting creative and making onigiri in all sorts of shapes. This may have something to do with the ever-increasing popularity of ‘decoben’, or decorative bento lunches. If you are longing to release your culinary decorating skills, take a look at the decoben equipment available at Japan Centre Online.

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