Arnest Blue Musubeat Plastic Onigiri Rice Ball Kit Mould and Case, 290 g Low in Stock (only 4 available)


Mould triangular onigiri rice balls with ease.

Consisting of 6 embossed, triangular compartments that minimise stickiness when making the perfect onigiri rice balls, this moulding kit doubles as a ready-to-go case for picnics and packed lunches. Made from a durable, microwave-safe plastic with a clip to securely hold its contents, simply fill each compartment of this foldable, blue case with cooked rice and your choice of onigiri filling, before pressing all 6 into shape at once with the lid moulds. Great to line with cling film, so you can instantly wrap and remove each rice ball for immediate storage, each space can also store side dishes, creating a convenient bento lunch box.

Measures approx. 7.3cm in length, 20.8cm in width, 9.4cm in height. Microwave-safe when open without lids. Not suitable for dishwashing. Made in China. 

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