Christmas Boot Snack Set - Large, 505 g, 12 items

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Festive Japanese sweet fun.

Stuffed extra high with a fantastic array of colourful Japanese confectionery and snacks, enjoy crunchy, fizzy and chewy treats in a merry boot made for Christmas celebrations. Packaged in a Santa boot, each wonderful assortment of sweets comes with fun shapes and flavours, from a bubbly variety of soda-flavoured ramune candy, to creamy chocolate biscuit treats, fruit chews, crisps and tongue-tingling gum! Great to share with friends & family or gift a curious sweet tooth, keep the Santa boot as decorative storage for further Christmas candy hauls.

This set includes 12 items:

1x Lotte Pokemon Ramune Tablet Candy (10g)
1x Koikeya Lightly Salted Stick Potato Crisps (13g)
1x Maruta Mini Ramune Tablet Candy (10g)
1x Coris Sono Manma Monster Energy Soft Centred Chewing Gum (16g)
1x Meiji Hello Panda Double Chocolate Biscuits (Singaporean) (50g)
1x Glico Pocky - Strawberry (Thai) (47g)
1x Coris Fue Ramune Grape Whistle Candy (21g)
1x Meiji YanYan Biscuits With Vanilla Cream Dip (Singaporean) (50g)
1x Morinaga Hi Chew Banana Chewy Candy (Taiwanese) (50g)
1x Coris GumGum5 Chewing Gum (37g)
1x Sugar-coated Dried Peach Chunks (30g)
1x Santa Boot Gift Bag

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Japan has always been a sweets-loving nation, and the introduction of Western-style desserts several hundred years ago has only fuelled their obsession. Japanese confectionery manufacturers are always experimenting with fillings and flavour combinations, while also sticking to tried and tested classics. Take a look in Japan Centre's Confectionery section for more tempting Japanese sweet treats.


1 review
A great selection of treats for Christmas