Shinmei Takumi No Kome Tsukuri Blended Rice, 5 Kg

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A sweet, sticky blend of Shinmei's finest koshihikari rice.

By combining fluffy, short grains of koshihikari rice from Japan's most famous rice-growing regions, this 100% Japanese-grown blended rice is a popular choice for quality, everyday cooking. Cultivated with care, this rice brings together the sweet, firm and nourishing characteristics of each individual crop, whilst guaranteeing the authentic softness koshihikari rice is renowned for. Wonderful value for those looking to experience the well-rounded excellence of Japanese rice, enjoy delicious sushi, donburi, curry and more daily with this 5 Kg bag.. 

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Rice is the dietary staple of Japan. Like how many people in Western countries cannot imagine going without bread for very long, the vast majority of Japanese people will eat at least some rice every day. Japanese, or Japonica, rice is grown all over Japan and in other countries, and the accepted wisdom is that the rice will taste different depending on where it is grown. For an incredible range of Japanese rice, take a look at Japan Centre's Rice section.

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Per 100g:
• Energy: 1498kJ/358kcal
• Fat: 0.9g
• Carbohydrate: 77.6g
• Protein: 6.1g
• Salt: 0.0g

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