Asahi Zeitaku Shibori Luxury Press Peach Chuhai Spritzer, 350 ml

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A luxury squeeze of peach mixed with vodka and refreshing soda water.

Offering the plump sweetness of 31% real peach juice, freshly-pressed into the perfect everyday cocktail, Zeitaku Shibori's luscious chuhai spritzer provides a convenient, fruity drink. Pre-mixed with crisp vodka and soda water, the rich tanginess of this chuhai comes from half a peach worth of fruitiness, creating an invigorating, floral beverage that's easy to drink.

Alcohol content: 4%

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Japanese spritzer drinks such as these are a more mature-tasting variation on lemonades and other sodas. Made from a combination of Japanese shochu, soda water, and fruit flavours (either real fruit juices or fruit juice inspired flavourings), spritzers are particularly refreshing when enjoyed straight from the fridge on hot or warm days. Take a look at's Umeshu & Others section for a great range of spritzers and other fruity Japanese alcoholic beverages.

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Alcohol Content: 4% Vol.

Ingredients and allergens

Vodka, Peach Juice, Saccharides, Carbonated Water, Acidulant, Flavourings.