Tantakatan Shochu with Shiso Perilla Leaf, 720 ml

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Dry, refreshing shochu infused with aromatic shiso perilla leaves.

Inspired by the local folktales and famously tart shiso perilla leaves of Shiranuka, Hokkaido, the unique blend of this traditional shochu pairs its crisp, sourness with wonderfully sweet and uplifting floral notes. Brewed with natural sugar cane and dates, alongside its base of shiso perilla leaves, this shochu has a light yet lusciously sweet consistency that unveils a plethora of invigorating aromas, before closing with a satisfying, tangy finish. Based on the Ainu legend of Tan Taka, who sought shiso perilla leaves to save the region's suffering sea life, this refined shochu comes in a stylish clouded bottle. Best served chilled with ice or soda water.

Alcohol 20% ABV.

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Shochu is another indigenous Japanese alcoholic drink alongside sake and umeshu. Unlike sake it is distilled, not brewed, with the alcohol level usually between 25-45%. Its popularity is highest in southern Japan where the weather is considerably warmer. Sake calls for cool temperatures, but Shochu can be distilled in these warmer climes. Shochu is made from one of several raw materials including sweet potato, rice, buckwheat and barley; each of which gives a very distinct flavour and aroma much like the varying tastes of scotch whiskey. At Japan Centre, you can find authentic sake, shochu, liqueurs from Japan. For more alcohol, browse Japan Centre's alcohol section here.

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Alcohol Content: 20% Vol.

Ingredients and allergens

Shochu, Sugar Cane Molasses, Dates, Perilla Leaf.