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Tsuboichi Easy Cold Brew Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Bags, 30 g, 10 teabags

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Fragrant, full-bodied hojicha green tea.

Ideal for steeping in bottles and flasks for drinking on the go, these 10 low-caffeine tea bags of roasted hojicha green tea, offer sweet, comforting refreshment. Superb for enjoying Tsuboichi's most exquisite tea blends without the bitter sharpness from boiling, every cold brew of this tea extracts only the rich, nutty flavours and aromas of this hojicha blend. Capable of brewing 800ml of water at room temperature per bag, simply shake or stir this tea and allow it to rest for at least 3 minutes, until its gently steeped flavour reaches your perfect strength.

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Much like Britain, Japan takes a lot of pride in its enjoyment of tea as a warm, healthy fuel to life, even beyond its love of green tea. Nowadays, all manner of teas from green to black to jasmine are available to discover everywhere, from vending machines to traditional teahouses. Here at, we're all about allowing you to explore your taste for tea, so why not look at our selection for a great variety of loose, bagged and ready-to-drink bottled teas, as well as matcha powders.

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Green Tea Leaf.