Ceramic Konfuki Noodle Bowl - Speckled, Navy Blue and Beige, 490 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)


Soak up the rich, navy detail of this speckled, ceramic bowl.

Made by blowing a bold, navy blue pigment into its basin during firing, this lacquered ceramic bowl carries a traditional texture and appearance that beautifully enhances any Japanese dining set. Gently speckled from overfiring to produce a pleasant, rustic texture when held, the deep blue centre of this bowl draws you into the rich depths of any delicious noodle soup.

Bowl measures approx. 19cm in width, 7.5cm in height.

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The most traditional Japanese cuisine is served as a full dinner spread, with each dish being served in its own small plate or bowl. From enormous ramen bowls to stylish square shaped sushi plates to polished handleless tea cups, Japanese tableware never fails to impress. Browse japancentre.com's Bento & Kitchen section for our entire range of Japanese tableware.

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