LEC Triple Layer Non-Woven Fabric Masks - Single Use, 35 g, 10 masks


Breathe comfortably whilst protecting yourself from hayfever and viruses.

Provided with a nose wire for comfort and pleated to allow for breathing space during wear, these 10 triple-layered face masks feature multiple filter layers to protect against airborne pollen and viruses. Fitted with flexible elastic that offers minimal rub or pull on the ears, these disposable masks can easily be stretched to fit different face shapes snugly, allowing you breathe safely though its ultra-filtered layers whilst reducing the risk of surrounding pollen or viruses entering your airwaves.

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Now commonly worn across the world to minimise the spread of colds and flu viruses, face masks saw initial use in Japan as a polite way to go about your daily business when feeling under the weather. Now available with many different styles and adjustments to suit the wearer's needs, find both reusable and disposable fabric masks to suit you at japancentre.com.

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