House Shichimi Togarashi Red Chilli Pepper With Yuzu Citrus, 14 g

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Fragrant roasted chilli pepper with tangy yuzu citrus peel.

Give your favourite noodle and rice dishes a refreshing heat, with a sprinkle of this aromatic, yuzu citrus-enriched togarashi red chilli pepper. Made from a classic shichimi blend of 7 spices including Japanese pepper, aonori seaweed, sesame, poppy & hemp seeds, this fiery seasoning is not only kettle-roasted to maximise its fragrant flavour, but also flavoured with freshly-ground yuzu peel to elevate its well-rounded spiciness. Great for giving any meal an instant kick of tangy, intense flavour, spice lovers won't be able to get enough of this tongue-tingling condiment.

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Shichimi togarashi has been utilised in Japanese cuisine for several hundred years. This complex combination of spices and seasonings is often used to add additional flavour to soups, noodles and donburi dishes, and savoury snacks. Check out Japan Centre's Spices & Seasonings section for a great range of Japanese spices.

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Ingredients and allergens

Chili Pepper, Citrus Unshiu Peel, Sesame Seeds, Processed Yuzu Citrus Skin Products (Yuzu Skin Peel, Glucose), Japanese Pepper, Hemp Seed, Aonori Seaweed, Poppy Seeds, Ginger, Flavouring. Also contains Sesame. May contain traces of Prawn(Crustacean), Crab(Crustacean).


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