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Decaffeinated Genmaicha Roasted Brown Rice Drip Coffee - Tsuyahime, 15 g, 1 serving

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Zero-caffeine roasted genmaicha with a fragrant coffee-like richness.

By roasting Yamagata's premium Tsuyahime rice into a delicately sweet and rich, umami blend, this variety of genmaicha coffee is not only comforting and decaffeinated, but also comes in a drip bag to produce the finest filtered brew. Made 100% from rice stone-ground into an aromatic powder, careful roasting techniques are used to replicate coffee's invigorating bitterness whilst maintaining the rice's soothing, warm palate of flavours. Brewed into an extra thick, ultra-filtered beverage through the use of the included drip bag, experience the uplifting taste of this nourishing, caffeine-free coffee.

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Ingredients and allergens

Roasted Brown Rice. May contain traces of Wheat, Egg, Milk.