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Tsukushiya Blueberry Flavour Agar Jelly Sweets, 130 g

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Firm jelly sweets flavoured with rich blueberry fruit juices.

Cut into bite-sized pieces of chewy, gelatine-free jelly, these traditional agar jelly sweets are made extra juicy and sweet with the tangy inclusion of concentrated blueberry juice. Mixed thoroughly into a dense jelly mixture for maximum richness and bite, this fruity Aichi confectionery is surprisingly soft and gentle to savour, with enough succulent texture for their blueberry sweetness to ooze and indulge the taste buds. Individually coated in edible oblaat rice paper and wrapped for easy sharing, these sweets are a unique treat to even those that have tasted many of Japan's wonders.

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Traditionally used to help Japanese desserts such as jellies and puddings set, Agar jelly has been a common alternative to gelatine in a wide variety of Japanese confectionery. Created from red agar algae with a similar texture to seaweed, this odourless ingredient often comes in flakes or as a powder that can be smoothly blended, forming a delicious meat-free jelly for multiple purposes. Popularly flavoured with fruit, matcha & more and formed into juicy jelly sweets, savour the chewy goodness of our agar jelly based products.

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 1431kJ/342kcal 
• Fat: 0.3g 
• Carbohydrate: 84.8g
• Protein: 0.1g
• Salt: 0.1g

Ingredients and allergens

Mizuame Starch Syrup, Sugar, Dietary Fibre, Reduced Blueberry Juice, Agar, Wafer Paper, Acidulant, Flavouring, Colouring, Lecithin(Soybean). Also contains Soybean. May contain traces of Milk, Wheat.