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Amanoya Agejozu Rich Soy Sauce Fried Rice Crackers 200g, 200 g

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Rice crackers crisped up to umami perfection.

Provided individually wrapped in a giant pack that's perfect for sharing, Amanoya's classic bobbled rice crackers are coated in rich, barrel-matured soy sauce and fried to a sumptuously delicate crispness. Deliciously crunchy and light thanks to Amanoya's careful frying techniques, the luscious savouriness of these rice crackers simply crumbles and melts in the mouth, offering incredibly moreish flavour with every bite. 

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Rice crackers are as common in Japan as potato crisps are in Western countries and make for great party food or daily snacks. These simple yet varied roasted rice shapes can come packed with all manner of flavours and seasonings, from spicy chilli pepper to savoury nori seaweed to sweet black sugar. Come and discover some of the exciting Japanese rice crackers available at by browsing our Rice Crackers selection.

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Per 100g:
• Energy: 1569kJ/375kcal 
• Fat: 22.5g 
• Carbohydrate: 41.3g
• Protein: 3.8g
• Salt: 1.25g


3 reviews
Crisp tasty and crunchy . Anytime snack