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Made 100% from the highest grade of Yamada Nishiki sake rice Hyogo prefecture has to offer, this premium junmai daiginjo is highly milled to produce a beautifully fragrant and sophisticated junmai daiginjo. Luxuriously sweet with a velvety-light mouthfeel, this 38% milled sake is carefully brewed with Nihon Sakari's unique Souhana yeast at low temperatures, to draw the distinctive qualities of each grain into its smooth umami palate, blessed with an array of fruity aromas to delight and dazzle the taste buds. Completed with an elegant finish that gives you time to appreciate its complex flavour profile, serve this sumptuous sake warm (40-45°C) or chilled.

Alcohol 15.5% ABV.

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Sake is Japan’s most well-known alcohol. It is brewed using special sake rice, koji (an edible rice mould that serves as the fermenting agent), and sometimes a little brewer's alcohol. A sake's characteristics, including how sweet or dry it is, how light or full bodied it is, and what flavours it evokes, depend on the type of rice and other ingredients used, how much the rice is polished/milled, and what brewing methods have been employed. To explore the wide and varied world of sake, take a look at's extensive Sake selection.

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Alcohol Content: 15.5% Vol.

Ingredients and allergens

Water, Rice, Koji Malted Rice.