Japanese Tabi Split Toe Socks - Navy, Ichimatsu Check Pattern, 30 g Low in Stock (only 1 available)


Take a step into Japanese fashion.

Decorated with a simple navy ichimatsu check, the additional cosy tartan print completes the fashionable look of these traditional tabi split toe socks. Historically separated at the toe so they can be worn with zōri or geta sandals, these tabi socks serve as wonderful house socks in the modern day, keeping your toes snug yet free to move easily around the house. Made from a light, breathable polyester so they can be worn through the year, these unisex socks are the perfect gift for someone who loves to express themselves in striking, easily wearable Japanese prints.

Socks fit feet size 23-25cm.

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Known in Japanese as tabi, split-toe socks have been worn in Japan for hundreds of years. Originally the open toe was needed in order for people to comfortably wear zorigeta, or other traditional thonged footwear. Traditional types of split-toe sock are cut to the shape of the foot with fastenings along the back. These socks are a more modern version, made with a stretchy material that fits around the foot like regular socks. For more Japanese gift ideas, have a look in Japan Centre's Japan Fan section.

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