Ceramic Suribachi Mortar Bowl, Small - Grey, 145 g


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Grind out incredible flavours and aromatic spices.

Extract subtle, impactful flavours from several popular ingredients and seasonings, with the aid of this traditional suribachi mortar bowl. Commonly used in Japanese cuisine to produce crushed sesame, wasabi, kinako soy flour and other frequently-used condiments, this small, ceramic suribachi contains a series of angled grooves that finely break apart and crush ingredients, when pressed and worked with a pestle. Compact and deep, so its easy to produce enough condiments for multiple meals, this glazed mortar is decorated with a striped grey rim.

Measures approx. 9.7cm in diameter, 3.6cm in height.

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this mortar bowl and internal texture even more beautiful than the photograph. Just wish an accompanying pestle came with it.