Sanada Seiko Plastic Sushi Mat, 55 g


Roll up sushi with clean plastic convenience.

Easy to wipe down and not prone to water damage compared to bamboo mats, this plastic sushi mat makes the classic technique of rolling sushi clean and easy to repeat. Made of strips of non-stick resin connected into a roll-able mat, this mat flexibly curves to form tightly-wrapped sushi rolls with minimal spill or stickiness, meaning you can easily rinse and roll up multiple rolls for a sushi feast.

Measures approx. 21.5cm in length, 24.2cm in width, 0.1cm in depth. Not suitable for microwaving or dishwashing.

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Maki sushi is a popular type of sushi where fish and vegetables are rolled up with rice in a nori seaweed wrap. A makisu rolling mat is an essential item for your kitchen to get the best sushi rolls.

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