Maki Sushi Roll Mould for Wide Rolls, 160 g


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A 2-part plastic ‘futo’ maki sushi mould for making perfect wide maki sushi every time. Futo maki are wide sushi rolls with two or three complementary fillings. This sushi roll mould features easy to follow picture instructions on reverse of the packet. 

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Japan loves gadgets and cookware is no exception. Whether it’s sushi moulds to help you make the perfect maki, or egg moulds for amazing lunch box fillers, there will be an item to make it easier or cuter or both!

How To Use

Become a sushi master with this easy to use sushi mould!
• Before use, dampen the mould to prevent the rice sticking.
• Fill the half-mould without a lip with rice.
• Make a furrow down the middle for your filling.
• Fill!
• Place inside the largest mould.
• Add more rice.
• Press down using the lipped half-mould.
• Turn upside down and push out the rice.
• Wrap in nori seaweed.

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