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A wide-edged fish knife ideal for filleting.

Preparing fish dishes to high-quality Japanese standards is simple, with the wide-edged, multipurpose blade of this convenient deba sashimi knife. Shorter yet wider than many single-edge Japanese knives, this weighty, stainless steel blade makes it easier to cleanly fillet a wide variety of small and medium sized fish, capable of slicing through small fish & poultry bones to cut away the maximum amount of meat. Forged with a smooth, wooden handle to carefully balance its weight, this knife is made to be a durably versatile slicing companion. Care instructions are provided in English.

Knife blade measures approx. 16cm in length. Knife measures approx. 28.3cm in length (including handle). 

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Japanese cooking relies on a fair amount of precise cutting, chopping, and dicing, so it is no surprise that a wide range knives are frequently utilised. For these and other essential utensils in Japanese cooking, take a look at Japan Centre's Cooking Equipment section.

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Not comfortable with a single bevel ** & not sure how to sharpen it once it's gone dull.