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Japan Centre Sakura Cherry Blossom Cookies, 150 g, 3 cookies

Delivery to England, Wales, and Parts of Scotland only.

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Soft, melt in the mouth sakura sweetness.

Indulge in deliciously crumbly and creamy bites of chunky cookie goodness, with the delicate sakura cherry blossom tang of our bakery's own sakura cookies. Made from a gently sweetened cookie dough mixed with sticky treacle molasses, the moist texture of these cookies is made both luxuriously sweet and smooth with the addition of white chocolate, an ideal way to draw out the subtle fragrant enjoyment of sweet cherry blossom essence. Provided in packs of 3 as a decadent morning pick me up, or something to brighten up break times with others if you can resist not keeping them all for yourself.

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Every morning Japan Centre’s bakers are up bright and early, mixing batter, kneading dough and applying garnishes to dozens of breads and sweet treats, all inspired by the most popular breads in Japan, as well as by Japanese flavours. To try our whole range, try visiting the Bakery section.

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1 review
Tasted amazing, just as I thought.