Tama no Hikari Kyo no Yuzushu Yuzu Sake, 720 ml

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Sample the refreshing qualities of regional yuzu sake.

Prized by its Kyoto-based brewers in Fushimi for adding a unique and invigorating twist to their exquisite, traditionally-brewed sake, this zesty yuzu sake offers a sweet plethora of refined fruit notes and aromas. Made from a combination of locally-harvested Iwai, Bizen Omachi and Yamada Nishiki sake rice, each finely milled grain holds a sweet, umami taste that is conveyed in the luscious mouthfeel of this smooth and dry sake. Brewed by hand to ensure maximum flavour, Kyo no Yuzushu's final addition of fresh yuzu juice uplifts the rich, delicate palate of this drink, making it an exquisite sake to serve cold.

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Alcohol: 10.5%

Ingredients and allergens

Water, spirit alcohol, Fructose, Yuzu citrus juice.