AOTS Shin Nihongo no Kiso I Japanese Textbook Kana Edition, 580 g

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A practical approach to learning everyday Japanese.

Great for developing basic Japanese language skills that can be easily used within day-to-day conversation, Shin Nihongo no Kiso's main series of textbooks offers exercises and study for beginners. A well-established textbook that provides essential phrases, grammar and sentence patterns in Japanese to build your learnt vocabulary around, this textbook gradually introduces you to the language through illustrated study chapters, using simple dialogue and practice drills to get you used to the flow of Japanese and how it is correctly spoken and written. This textbook encourages natural understanding of Japanese, so you can use the language your own way, making exercises memorable and easy to return to when you need further revision. Provided with an answer booklet to mark and review your own work, the Kana edition of this textbook requires understanding of Japan's Hiragana and Katakana alphabets beforehand, yet offers a rich base of vocabulary and grammar for you to master and expand upon.

Written by 3A Networks. Paperback, 260 pages.

SBN: 978-4-906224-51-7

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