The Book Of Tea, 130 g

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Insightful and witty teatime reading.

Okakura Kakuzō's famous The Book of Tea takes you through the historical importance of Tea in East Asia and how its ritual preparation has become a basis to simple, elegant living in Japan. Covering every aspect of the Japanese tea ceremony, including the significance of the tea-masters and the many stages the tea must go through before being served, this book provides a profound connection between tea, philosophy, spirituality and the arts, explaining how appreciation of each phase reflects the beauty individuals can find within Japanese culture. First published in 1906 as a popular socialite guide to experiencing East Asian teas, this classic book has been modernised with its compact size and colourful illustrated cover, making it a fun, portable read for all tea lovers.

Written by Okakura Kakuzō. Illustrations by Sayuri Romei and an afterword by Anna Sherman. Hardback, 160 pages.

ISBN: 978-1529021066

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