Genki I 3rd Edition Textbook, 675 g

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A fun and interactive introduction to basic Japanese language.

Popular for their up-to-date, detailed chapter layout and a more natural, easy-to-understand approach to learning essential Japanese speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, the Genki series of textbooks is a balanced and exciting resource to start your Japanese studies with. Now in it's third edition after feedback from several schools and universities, this 12 chapter, Volume 1 textbook covers the first half of the Genki course, introducing you to fundamental vocabulary and grammar through the relatable experiences of international exchange student, Mary and her friends. Filled with fun illustrations and thorough English explanations on all the Japanese language covered, this book supplements your learning with a wide range of activities and separate lessons on Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, so you can break down your studies and get comfortable with the basics before moving onto more complex conversations and reading material. Improved with key notes on Japanese culture and expressions that give you better understanding of how to interact with the language, this textbook helps avoid early mistakes and builds your ability to memorise and use your Japanese in more proactive and independent settings. Made fully interactive with Genki's workbooks, online resources and downloadable audio materials, the Genki textbooks provide an incredible hub of information for you to develop your Japanese learning on all fronts, with both volumes covering up to 300 Kanji and 1,100 words in total.  

Written by Eri Banno, Yoko Ikeda, Yutaka Ohno, Chikako Shinagawa and Kyoko Tokashiki.


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This is a great book, fun and easy to understand. Arrived in perfect condition, item description was accurate. I would definitely recommend.