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Traditional Sensu Wooden Fan - Blue and White Ichimatsu Check Pattern, 30 g


Fan yourself in traditional style and prosperity.

Bring winds of good fortune someone's way with this decorative sensu wooden fan, patterned with the famous blue and white Ichimatsu check of Japan's most affluent historical figures. Made famous by Kabuki actor Ichimatsu Sadogawa and his lavishly, bold hakama, this pattern is popularly worn and displayed to invite prosperity to the home, making it ideal to present through small gifts such as this beautifully crafted folding fan. Lightweight and easy to display or store in a bag with its elastic tie, this charming fan holds simple Japanese style and elegance anywhere.

Fan measures approx. 37.5cm in width, 20.7cm in height (unfolded), 1cm in width, 20.9cm in height (folded).

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Little gifts such as these traditional fans are among the most quintessential of Japanese souveniers. They are ideal as gifts that are not too expensive, but nevertheless offer a little piece of Japanese culture. If you are looking for a special gift for any certain someone, take a look at Japan Centre's Japan Fan section and be inspired by our fantastic range.

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