Tokonameyaki Ceramesh Ceramic Kyusu Teapot - Grey, 360 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)


Make loose tea luxuriously rich in naturally developed flavour, with this traditional Kyusu teapot that filters through ceramic without the need for typical metal strainers. Known as "Ceramesh" and a wonderfully modern feature of Tokoname City's historic clay-ware, a ceramic sheet of circular mesh covers the inner spout of this classic teapot, instantly filtering tea when poured without the need for straining. This allows you to directly soak the leaves thoroughly for a deeper flavour, enhancing your tea's taste and aroma by infusing the ceramic with each use. Made in a rustic grey with a yokode side handle and ventilated lid for easy pouring.

Teapot measures 15cm in length, 17cm in width, 11.2cm in diameter, 7.5cm in height (without lid). Lid measures approx. 10.2cm in diameter, 3.8cm in height. 

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With Japan being such a large tea-drinking nation, it stands to reason that teapots would be an important component in Japanese tableware. Traditional Japanese teapots come in different shapes and sizes made for different occasions. Take a look at Japan Centre's Teaware section for a great range of stylish and practical Japan-made and Japan-inspired teaware.

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