Plastic Microwaveable Ramen Bowl With Lid, 130 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)


Boil microwave ramen completely pot free.

Making your own instant ramen couldn't be simpler and more convenient than with this unique functioning, spacious, microwaveable ramen bowl with lid. Made of a light, durable plastic for easy cleaning and handling, this bowl features 2 extended lips to safely insert and remove your bowl from the microwave, and a translucent orange lid that completely covers it, with sealable air holes that allow steam to escape during cooking. Simply filled with water, as well as your choice of noodles and vegetables, this bowl boils your ingredients thoroughly in the microwave, so there is plenty of time to prepare your pick of dashi soup base and delicious toppings.

Bowl measures approx. 21.3cm in width, 18.5cm in diameter, 7.0cm in height. Lid measures approx. 19.0cm in diameter. Both bowl and lid are microwave safe but not suitable for dishwashing.

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