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Kuki Aromatic Sesame Chilli Oil, 45 ml

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Make dishes swell with savoury heat and rich aromas.

Meticulously roasted and pressed to extract the finest essence, this rich sesame chilli oil is lavished with a fragrant range of spices to accentuate its peppery, umami-rich taste. Made from the first press of every sesame harvest, Kuki ensures every drop of this oil is squeezed thoroughly from its seeds, roasted in iron kettles to draw out their natural rustic aroma. Seasoned with garlic, chilli, peppers, onions and star anise for a complex bouquet of savoury-sweet odours, the spicy tingle of this delicious oil enriches stir-fries and succulent grilled meats and is excellent as a refreshing dipping sauce when mixed with crunchy sesame seeds. 

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Japanese cuisine utilises a wide variety of condiments, from the more traditional soy sauce, wasabi, and togarashi (spicy chilli pepper), to those more typically associated with Western culture such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, to completely unique inventions. At japancentre.com we sell a wide variety of exciting Japanese condiments. Why not take a look at our Condiments section and see what we have?

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